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January 24th

January 24, 2010

Well there is nothing much to write about today apart Arsenal losing and dropping out from FA-Cup. Oh and finally listening Ddub’s Back Rub.

So I rather think about the best day in my life  January  24th 2009.

After I had woken up and had breakfast at hotel I check how to get to my 1st destination that day. Then I left. Making my 1st dream of the day come true. At tube station I checked the route again and started long trip, got bit longer as Jubilee line wasn’t working completely. But in the end I was standing at Arsenal-station. (Yes I had to take the picture of that). Then I walked outside and towards Emirate Stadium. Sadly no match there that day but there was a tour. I loved that one and I during it I fell more and deeper in love with Arsenal Football club.  I took several pictures and videos from there. 

After the tour was over I headed to Armory, with list of the things I wanted to buy.  Surprised that I didn’t spend too much money there (thanks to sales, low pound and discount from the taking the tour). I have to mention lot of people have said to me hoe beautiful my coat is and how it looks good on me … well I’m proud of  it.

I also visited the museum and loved that. I got some old match day programmes as I left  (for donating money to Charity of Season. which I would have done without getting those programmes too).

Then I started my way back at hotel in Greenwich. Reason for choosing this hotel was that it was close to O2. I rested a bit but since I had problem with my adapter I could not recharge my laptop and empty my memorycard. I had dinner at hotel’s Chinese restaurant. Later I realised I should have gone to Pizza Hut (I was really need of something to drink later that night).

I picked my things I needed (camera, ticket money…) and left to O2. On the way there I talked with few other fans who stayed at the hotel (I guess lot of hotel guest where there for that reason). This was my 2nd dream of the day also I was keeping a promise I had made years earlier to myself. IF there is come back and concert in Europe I have to go.  And now after over decade I was going to see them live. They had changed my life when I was teenager, their music was there when I needed it. Also I had got to know some people because of them. O2 Arena is the biggest I have been but my place even it was high it had great view. But I did spend money on T-Shirts and programme.

The warm-up artists weren’t that bad (but I can’t remember who she was).  New Kids On The Block were great. They performed old and new songs and we loved it.  The video of the lost family/friends/others was great making us fans loudly cheer for ones we loved and missed too. Performing in middle of fans was nice thing too.

I have never really understanded people fainting at concerts or felt anything close to that until that final song. I did see red and white shirt there on stage and thought “NO WAY” , Then I swore I was seeing text “Fly Emirates” on front of that shirt.  Hell no. Shirt was on Joe. NO WAY. I am seeing thing that are not true… One of the sexiest men in world wearing that shirt NO WAY.  My love for Arsenal and Joe have just made me see things that are not true. Unfortunately my memory card was full and I could not take picture.

I was really high (on emotions only) and excited about it. I did do my best next few days find picture of Joe but I didn’t (still haven’t) founded.

I was really sad by that time that I hadn’t got ticket to Apollo. I would have been great to go. Maybe next time…

I know this could have been longer but I have written this about an hour. I am listening Ddub’s back rub while I write and Donnie’s voice makes it hard to concentrate…  So I better just give up and let Donnie have all my attention…

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