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Vacation in Kuwait part 1

February 24, 2010

So this thing started in January 2007, when I started to chat in one internet discussion board with a girl from Kuwait.  Ans soon realised that even we are from different countries and cultures we have a lot in common. At some point in 2008 we talked for the first time about the chance of me travelling to Kuwait. We decided to put it to 2010 so I could save money and have longer vacation. Also time was then more or less agreed (end of Feb early March have quite good weather and with two holidays there might be better dicounts).

I reserved flight and hotel in Dec 2009.  And thought everything would go fine after that. WRONG!

The last week didn’t go that well…

About week before I was supposed to leave I went to order the money, but I heard “It will be difficult, but we will try. We tell you on Friday if you can have it on Monday” (I was leaving on Wednesday). Well on Friday I went and luckily I did get the money. But was this the worst set back? No it wasn’t.

So Friday night I went home (had met a friend after the work and spend time with her) and read my e-mails. There was a letter from Lufthansa (that I had planned to use) telling me that due the strike my flight from Frankfurt to Kuwait was cancelled. So to be honest yes I was worried about what will happen to my vacation. Sunday I called to travel agency and cancelled rest of the flights (it’s cheaper to buy return ticket that one-way. Well on Monday I found out that my flights had not been cancelled after all by recieving email from Lufthansa that they had rerouted my flight (the way I didn’t like) oh and that was in e-mail written in GERMAN (thanks for internet dictionaries I could translate what it meant). But I found this after I had ordered new flights. I called the travel agent again and this time (it being Monday) woman I talked with said she contacts Lufthansa and checks what is going on. Well she called me back quite soon and told that LH had rerouted me since I had not been in contat with them but I could cancel my flights and get my money back.

So my flight changed from leaviong on Wed 24th at 9am to Tue 23rd at 5 pm. So I kind of packed in hurry (later realizing few things that I should have had packed).

So on Tuesday as I was checking in at airport (two great friends had given me ride there) I was told that BA flight to London was delayed with about 50 minutes.  Well to be honest I had been bit worried about the flight because it was snowing.  After we got on board (about 40 minutes after plane should have been left) the captain told that they were defrosting the plane (well the snow from wings).  But then at some point we left (I didn’t have watch so I could not tell how much we were delayed). But as time went on I started to worry a bit about making to next flight (I read that you should reserve 2 hours for going from terminal  3 to terminal 5). And I had only 1.4 hours (instead 3.2 I was supposed to have). So I asked that from staff and heard I’ll be fine. And I was I actually did sit and wait for next flight for about 15-20 minutes.

Oh the 2nd plane… OK I haven’t flown much and never during the night nor with big plane as this one. It was really nice. Also it was quite empty. I had whole row (3 seats) alone.  This flight left couple minutes early. After the take off I started to watch “He’s not that in to you” but got too tired halfway the film so I turned it off and started to try and sleep. I did sleep for 1-3 hours (waking every now and then). I woke again about an hour before landing and decided not to sleep and soon lights came on and they started to serve breakfast.

Plane was supposed to land at 6.40 but were landed 6.30am.  After I got the visa and got my bags I took a taxi to the hotel. air was bit grayish but there were lot of green. Not to mention temperature was +18 C (64.4F) so it was nice. At the hotel (where I had naturally forgot to send email about my flight changing) they told me it is possible to have early check-in (paying bit more but so what). While they were looking for a room for me I had chance to go for breakfast. It was great to have fresh fruit as breakfast (and they were good). Maybe tomorrow I will eat more than today but I was tired. So they found me room but it needed to be cleaned so I had to wait for about 30-45 minutes that I spend by hotel computer reading my e-mail and facebook message. From Lulu…

I got my room bit before 9 am also soon someone came to give me extra cable so I could log my laptop on hotel’s internet. FOR FREE! This is really 5 star hotel. I sent message to my parents and a friend (who are and have been so worried about me ) that I was safely at hotel.

Then I slept for while. After I woke up I played little bit FB games. Then I picked up the phone and called Lulu. It was weird hearing his voice for the first time. But her voice (even if it was slightly sick with flu) was great.

After the pnone call I went to find a map of the area and take few photos. I didn’t go to swimming pools yet nor the sea but I will at some point.

Then I decided to start writing this blog again. I will be writing more about this vacation as it goes on…

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